Bernadette A. N

Founder and Director

Bernadette commitment in providing holistic empowerment tools to the underprivileged stem from her personal experience as a victim, survivor and development agent in her own right. Bernadette began putting papers together in 2009 to create an organization that will support local organizations around the world, providing services to people who are going through poverty stricken conditions like those she went through (Read her story Born and raised poor amidst wealth). Bernadette is a one-time Grameen Bank Dialogue participant; consultant to United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and Johns Hopkins University projects/CU; Commonwealth of Nations liaison; a seasoned grass-root organizer; and a poverty survivor. Bernadette has an MBA with double concentration in Accounting and Management, Master in Science, Certificate of Advanced Studies from University of Bridgeport, USA. She has a postgraduate diploma (PGD) in Women’s Law from the University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe and LL.B in Law from the University of Yaounde II-SOA, Cameroon

Prior to joining Two Way Out, Bernadette founded Grounded and Holistic Approach for People’s Empowerment (GHAPE) in 1998. She focused that organization on the relationship between poverty, ignorance and diseases and the need to provide financial and non-financial services simultaneously to empower the poor especially women in hard to reach communities.

Sebert Brook


Sebert is the first president at Two Way Out. He has been with Two Way Out from the beginning. Sebert tapped into his passion for systems and structures to assist Two Way Out and Frontline field partners in enhancing the efficiency of their programs.  As an evaluation specialist, He holds a Master degree. Sebert is working at the University of Bridgeport as an evaluation specialist.

Julius Tah

Vice President

Julius is the vice president at Two Way Out.  Because of his interest in assisting those in need he was contacted to join Two Way Out board. He did not hesitate and appreciated the opportunity stating that it will oblige him to give back to the community, something that he has always wanted to be doing. He upholds that ignorance adversely affect even the “haves” in poor communities. He is interested in highlighting the impact of Ignorance and diseases in the simplified version of poverty equation; Poverty = Ignorance + Diseases.

Julius holds a Pharm D degree.  Information inclusion programs are part of innovative solutions to reach the poorest people of the world. In this role, he advises on how to identify public needs in poor communities and how to tailor preventive literature on public health issues to the underprivileged to alleviate poverty.

Nelson Ngoh


Nelson is the secretary at Two Way Out. He reviews field partner’s activities. Nelson visits Partners and sometimes get a chance to meet and encourage our target clientele. He appraises Field partner needs and encourage stakeholders in local communities. Nelson is passionate about alleviating suffering which takes many forms. He is the invisible momentum behind the establishment of Two Way Out.  He knows what abject poverty is. He holds a PhD in Science of Education from the University of Reading, London. Nelson is a Professor at the University of Bridgeport.